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Maidenhead Junior Regatta

Henley Rowing Club attended the Maidenhead Junior regatta held on Sunday 19th May with crews from the J12, J13 and 14 divisions. This regatta is aimed specifically at young juniors with little experience of racing. 

The J13 boys and girls had a great day out in warm and sunny conditions as is thankfully the norm at this event and is their first experience at racing due to many previous events cancelled due to high river flows.

The WJ13 crew of Darcy Kenny, Charlotte Roberts, Liv Baker and Zeffie Whiteman with cox Aryaveer Kotwal as cox beat crews from Headington School in the first two heats and went on to beat a crew from Guildford Rowing Club in a very hard fought final by half a length.


The J13 boys crew of Oscar Mackenzie Smith, Amber Kriefman, Charlie Chapman and Rohan Shanker with cox Aryaveer Kotwal beat a crew from Guildford Rowing Club by 3.5 lenghts in a stright final.


There were two other events the club entered where a WJ12 crew from the clubs development squad who had very limited water time due to river conditions over the last 6 months  lost to a Guildford crew in the final.

The J14 boys crew of Theo Berry, Stanley Roedel, Rocco Balducci, and Ollie Rowley with Franco Bigmore Wallace as cox relished competing at their first regatta and although ultimately unsuccessful enjoyed victories in early rounds.


Altogether a great result for the crews entering their first event at the start of their racing experience. 


The Victorious Squad: Charlotte Roberts, Darcy Kenny, Amber Kriefman, Rohan Shanker, Liv Baker, Charlie Chapman, Zeffie Whiteman, Aryaveer Kotwal, Oscar Mackenzie -Smith.

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