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We offer a wide range of branded racing and training/ supporter kit as well as other items of clothing such as club blazers, DryRobes and lounge pants.  Whilst members may purchase as much or as little kit as they want, every rower who is intending to race competitively will need a Henley all in one (AIO).  Plain navy leggings and a white short/long sleeve technical top are also needed for racing in cold weather but don’t need to be Henley branded (although we do offer branded versions of these).  A gilet or waterproof splash top is practical for winter training and racing so if you don’t already have one, it makes sense to buy a HRC branded one - it will be a good investment.  AIOs (and other ‘technical fabric’ items of kit) are available via two suppliers – Stitch Rowing and Rival Kit.  Although both sell largely similar items of kit, we use two suppliers to give members more choice in terms of members’ preference, price, quality and delivery options. Training & supporter kit – hoodies, sweatshirts and accessories etc – is available from the HRC shop. Please click on the boxes for more information about the different types of kit.


If you have any questions, please contact Louisa Clarke, Kit Manager –

Stitch Rowing

Racing and ‘technical fabric’ HRC branded kit.

The ‘order window’ is opened twice a year (September & February) for members to order kit and pay directly to the supplier.  (An email will be sent to members letting them know when the window is open). Kit is delivered around four weeks later and delivered to the club kit manager who will contact you to arrange collection.  You can order direct from the site in between these times but will have to pay a higher delivery cost as a result.

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Rival Kit

Racing and ‘technical fabric’ HRC branded kit.

You can order direct from the Rival kit site all year round, pay direct and have the kit delivered to your home address.  There have been some teething issues with this supplier but we are continuing with the partnership for one more season as, when it works, it should be an easier process for members to order direct 24/7. 

HRC Shop

For training kit or for family on the towpath showing support for the club, we offer a range of hoodies, fleeces, t-shirts, hats etc and many items can be personalised.  Products are available to buy year-round 24/7. Delivery takes around four weeks. There is no charge for delivery to the club or you can pay to have it sent directly to your home.  Once it arrives at the club you will be contacted by the kit manager to arrange collection.

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Club Blazers

HRC blazers are supplied by Perry in both male and female designs.  Every February, members are invited to a ‘try on’ order session held one weekend morning. (All members will be sent an email invitation).  Samples are available to try and orders can be placed on the day.  Blazers will be delivered in early June, ready for Henley Women’s Regatta and Henley Royal Regatta.  We get a discount the more blazers are ordered and you can expect to pay between £210 and £260.  Blazers are optional and there is no obligation to buy one.

HRC Dry Robes

An email is sent to members every October to see who would like to order a branded DryRobe.  Payments are taken by the club before the order is placed. Delivery is around four to six weeks. We get a discount the more DryRobes are ordered and you can expect to pay between £145 - £185 per robe (depending on personalisation). This is an optional piece of kit and there is no obligation to buy one.

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Lounge Pants

The popular HRC checked lounge pants cost £39 each.  Minimum order is six pairs so we open the order window to members via an email in September/October each year and take payments before placing the order.  Delivery is around four to six weeks.  Again, this is an optional piece of kit and there is no obligation to buy a pair.

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