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Members should be aware of the rules of the river and all relevant water safety information.

The Water Safety Code sets minimum standards for safe rowing activities, as well including sources of information related to water safety at the club.

However, as a guideline, IF IN DOUBT, DON’T GO OUT!

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The British Rowing RowSafe guide is a good place to start, when looking for insights into anything related to safety and rowing . Additional information and safety alerts are also available, providing insights into specific topics such as lighting requirements for rowing boats, understanding of cold water immersion affects and anyone that is involved in the towing of rowing boats.

British Rowing Links

Before undertaking water based activities, current conditions should always be considered. As the river state can change quickly during the course of an outing, before going out on the water, risk assessments should be undertaken to understand if it is safe to row.

The links listed here are a good source of reference when undertaking that risk assessment. These help understand the river status, daylight hours, weather conditions, estimated flow rate, water temperature and any restrictions that are planned or in place.

Water Safety Links

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