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Impressive wins at Marlow Regatta

Marlow Regatta (held at the Olympic Venue  Dorney Lake) is one of the more significant events in the Thames Valley but has few races for Juniors or women.

For the J14's in particular there is only the Octuple Scull. The J14 squad at Henley is not numerous enough to enter the Octuple, but by combining with the J14 Girls an impromptu crew was formed from Isabelle Hughes, Juliet Len, Camilla Barlow, and Emily Robinson with Flynn Burrow, James Weeks, Franco Bigmore Wallace, and Ollie Rowley together with cox Theo Berry. As a group these athletes have had considerable success at national events. With the benefit of just a single outing in preparation, the crew managed to win the time trial over several significant boys schools. They went on to take the gold medal in a dominant display that saw them lead from start to finish, winning by clear water. A remarkable performance from a talented group and notable for the only time a mixed crew has won the event.

As the regatta clashes with Henley Women’s the only event for women is the WJ15 eight (J15s not being catered for at HWR). Having won the inaugural event last year this year's Henley crew Agnes Chapman, Emma Floyd, Grace Haldane, Sophie Floyd, Lauren Pollard, Daisy Millard, Ella Butler, Amy Scott and cox Emily Schutz were keen to emulate last years crew and in addition avenge their defeat at the hands of Marlow at last weeks Reading Regatta. In the time trial the Henley girls where clear winners. The final saw them get off to a good start with Marlow and Surbiton close behind but at 800 metres gone the girls up the pace and took clear water over Marlow which they held to the finish to take the win.

WJ15 eight.

Form L to R: Sophie Floyd, Daisy Millard, Lauren Pollard, Agnes Chapman, Emily Schutz (cox) Grace Chapman, Ella Butler, Emma Floyd and Amy Scott.

The impressive mixed J14 8X+ who took apart the field of pure boys crews.

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