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Junior Women

High Performance Centre

In recent years through the efforts of our athletes and coaches, Henley’s Junior Women’s squad has come to be recognised as a high-performance centre of excellence for girls’ rowing, especially sculling.


Tried and tested programmes

Henley’s coaches have developed tried and tested programmes on water and land that have brought remarkable results, enabling girls of all levels of ability to fulfill their potential. In recent years the squad has achieved outstanding successes at national events including weekend performances at Henley Royal Regatta and numerous gold medals at National Schools Regatta and British Junior Rowing Championships in all age groups from J14 to J18.


Supporting those who seek GB selection

Our programmes give tried and tested support to those seeking GB selection and over the years, numerous Junior Women have gained GB selection, whether U19 World Championships or Coupe de la Jeunesse. See the full list in our Honours Boards.


Opening doors into the future

Achieving rowing excellence at Henley can open up new opportunities. Assisted by their rowing, girls from the club have recently gained entry to US universities including Yale, Princeton, University of California and Dartmouth. Others have gone on to UK universities classified as high-performance centres by British Rowing.

Modern equipment 

Our fleet of boats is modern and from major boat builders including Empacher, Filippi, Hudson and Wintech.


Training times

Weekday training is from 2 to 4 nights per week, depending on age group, and double sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings (except J13s, one only).

The Junior squads have had huge success over many years, both nationally and internationally and through all age groups. Contact Leon Redman for more information.

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