At Henley Rowing Club we really do try to provide rowing for everybody have structured our squad system to deliver this. Choose one which you think fits in best for you depending on your age, experience, ability to train and desire to compete.

We are always looking for experienced Senior Men and Senior Women to race for Henley and grow with the club to match our ambitions for winning. Our highly competitive Junior squads (boys and girls 13 -18 years) lead the way and our news reports speak for themselves.  In 2016 we won no less than 9 golds and 4 silvers at the National Schools Regatta 27th-29th May and were Victor Ludorum winners at British National Championships July 2016.

The Masters squad of men and women row competitively winning at British Masters 2016 and Henley Masters 2016. There is also a thriving masters development squad who are growing in competition experience as well as enjoying the river on a recreational basis.

Chairman Ian Pankhurst said
Overall the Club had a great season in all sections. I struggle to think of another club that achieves success in such a wide range of events as ours. Let’s continue to enjoy racing and winning.

REGATTA AND HEAD WINS 1st Sep 2015 – 31st Aug 2016


Upper Thames SBH IM2 4-
Henley Sculls Nov 1x
Burway Sen 1x
Ghent 2- (bronze)
Metropolitan Regatta Elite 4-, Sen 4-
Reading Amateur IM 4+, IM1 2-
Marlow Regatta IM1 4+
Moseley IM3 1x
Staines IM3 1x, IM1 2x


Upper Thames SBH J162x, J15 2x, J14 2x, J14 4x+
Henley Sculls J16 4x-, J14 4x+
Hampton J16 2x
Burway J13 4x+, J14 2x
Oarsport Junior Head J14 4x
Junior Inter-regional J14 4x (silver)
Wallingford J16 4x
Marlow Spring J13 2x, J13 4x+
National Schools J14 B 4x+ (gold), J16 B 4x, J14 A 4x+ (2 silver)
Junior Sculling Regatta J15 2x (bronze)
Marlow Town J16 2x, J15 4x+, J15 2x+, Nov 1x
Reading Amateur J14 4x+, J14 2x
Thames Valley Park J15 2x, J14 8x, J14 4x
Egham J16 2x, J14 2x, J13 2x
Weybridge J14 4x+
British Junior Championships* J14 4x (gold), J15 2x (bronze)
Henley T & V J16 1x, J14 2x, J14 1x


Upper Thames SBH Mas D 2-
Marlow Spring W Nov 2x, W Mas D 4x
Weybridge Ladies W Mas C 1x
Masters Championships Mas D 2- (gold)
Henley Masters Mas E1x


Pairs Head Mxd 2x


Henley Sculls Sen 1x, IM1 1x
Walton IM3 4+
Weybridge Ladies Nov 2x


Pairs Head WJ18 2x, WJ16 2x
Wallingford LDS WNov 4x+, WJ18 2x, WJ18 4x, WJ16 1x, WJ16 2x, WJ16 4x
Upper Thames SBH WIM3 4x, WNov 2x, WJ18 4+, WJ18 2x, WJ18 2-, WJ16 4-,WJ16 4x, WJ16 2x, WJ16 4+, WJ15 4x+, WJ15 2x, WJ14 4x+, WJ14 2x,
Fours Head WJ4+, WJ4x
Henley Sculls WIM3 4x, WIM3 1x, Wnov 1x, WJ18 4x, WJ18 1x, WJ16 4x, WJ 16 1x
Hampton SBH WJ18 8o, WJ18 2x, WJ16 4-, WJ16 2x, WJ15 4x+, WJ14, 4x+
Burway SBH WJ14 4x+, WJ13 4x+
Quintin 8s Head WJ18 8o, WJ16 8o
Wallingford Head WJ18 8o, WJ16 8o
Oarsport Sculling Head WJ17 4x, WJ16 4x, WJ14 4x A, WJ14 4x B
Bedford Spring 4s &8s WIM3 4x, W Nov 4+, W Nov 4x, WJ 4x, WJ2x, WJ2-, WJ16 4x, WJ16 2x, WJ16 4-, WJ15 4x+
Ghent International WJ 8o, WJ 4x
Junior Interregional Regatta WJ16 8o, WJ16 4+, WJ15 4x+, WJ14 4x+
Wallingford WJ 8o, WJ 4x, WJ15 4x+
Marlow Spring WJ15 4x+, WJ14 4x+ WJ13 4x+,
National Schools WJ4-, WJ16 8o, WJ 16 A 4x, WJ16 B 4x, WJ 15 A 4+, WJ15 B 4+, WJ 14 A 4x+, WJ14 B 4x+ (8 gold), WJ 15 A 4x+, WJ15 B 4x+ (2 silver)
Henley Women’s WJ16 4x
Reading Amateur WIM1 8o, WIM1 2x, W Nov 4+, WJ18 4+,WJ 4x, WJ16 4x, WJ15 4x+, WJ14 4x+, WJ13 4x+
Marlow Town WJ14 8x, WJ14 4x+, WJ14 2x
Thames Valley Park WJ14 4x+, WJ13 4x+
Weybridge Ladies WJ14 2x Div A, WJ14 2x Div B, WJ 14 4x+, WJ13 4x+
British Junior Championships* WJ 16 4x, WJ16 2x, WJ14 4x+ A (3 gold), WJ18 4-, WJ16 4+, WJ15 4x + (3 silver), WJ 18 8o, WJ14 4x+ B (2 bronze)
Henley T & V W Elite 4-
*Victor Ludorum trophy and plaque for the most successful club

The club appointed a new Captain Stan Admiraal in July 2016 .  Stan is looking forward to the new season and shared his vision as ‘working together’ with his focus on – teamwork, communication and planning.

New Captain Stan Admiraal congratulated by Chairman Ian Pankhurst

New Captain Stan Admiraal congratulated by Chairman Ian Pankhurst

Senior Men
In recent years the Men’s squad has been one of the most successful club squads in the country with wins at all the major regattas including Henley Royal Regatta. The squad trains on the river every weekend, Saturday and Sunday training sessions starting at 8am, and on weekday evenings in the spring and summer. During the winter, weekday training on ergos and using weights takes place in the Club’s purpose built and well-equipped training room and generally starts from 6:30pm, although individuals can arrange training around work. The Club enters most of the major head races that take place between October and April, and can be seen competing at the main regattas throughout the country. See our squad page for further information.

Senior Women
The Women’s squad has had an influx of new members and the squad has a good mix of novices and experienced oarswomen now training together which shows promise for the coming season. The training times for the women are the same as the men, 8am Saturday and Sunday mornings and Monday to Thursday evenings during the week.  See our squad page for more information.

In keeping with many other clubs Henley has a large contingent of veteran oarsmen and women ranging in experience from novices to top class. The Veterans are regularly represented at FISA Masters events.

Junior Men
The Club has always had a number of Junior Men but this section has really taken off in the last two years, and now forms a significant part of our activities and recent regatta wins.The success of the boys can be seen by the medals the boys have won at both international regattas and the top national regattas over recent years including the Fawley Cup at Henley Royal Regatta in 2003 and 2007. Training sessions are 7:30am to 12:30 Saturday and Sundays and three or four weekly sessions Monday to Thursdays, with the recommended number of sessions for each age group being J14s two, J15s three, others four.


Henley Juniors GB France 2017

Henley Juniors GB France 2017

Junior Women
The Club is seen as a centre of excellence for junior girls rowing with many girls over the years being selected to row or scull for England and/or Great Britain. All age groups and abilities are catered for from J13 and upwards. Training sessions for the girls are 7:30am to 12:30 Saturday and Sundays and three or four sessions Monday to Thursdays, with the recommended number of sessions for each age group being J14s two, J15s three, others four.

For more information on junior rowing, including our helpful Parent’s Guide, see our Junior Squad page.


Junior Girls representing GB, Munich Regatta 2017

Junior Girls representing GB, Munich Regatta 2017

Masters Rowing and Sculling
We have a mix of young and veteran recreational rowers who organise their own training sessions and outings We also have a growing competitive Masters Squad. The club has two new touring boats which will be used for the Learn to Row course and will be available for members subject to booking.

New to Rowing?
If you are a Junior aged 11 and over you need to take a look at our Learn to Row page first. We run a series of rowing camps and training courses designed to get you started on the water and familiar with the sport. Each season a new group of J13s starts up to develop competency and learn about being part of a bigger squad. The J13s start to compete at some Head races and regattas in the summer season as a step towards being part of the Junior squad from J14.

For information on membership and rack fees see Membership.

If you are not sure contact us for further information.

 Archive footage of Henley Juniors

Archive footage of Henley Seniors