Learn to row

Henley Rowing Club offers both ‘learn to row’ courses and private tuition aimed at adults and juniors who have never rowed before and would like to give it a go. The courses are run by experienced rowers/coaches and cover many different aspects of rowing including gym work, rowing on the water, using rowing machines and learning how to handle boats and rowing equipment carefully.

Adult Learn to Row – a new structured course is planned to start on Friday 23rd February 2018.

A junior Learn to Row starts in on 4th March 2018.

Bookings are open.  Please complete the information below:

Adult learn to row booking here

Junior Learn to row booking here

Or Contact captain@henleyrowingclub.org.

Proposed format of the adult course – this may be adjusted but can give you a flavour of what to expect.  Please note that sessions are on Friday evenings and Sunday late afternoons.

The course offers three terms of structured tuition from professional coaching staff. A competency test will be taken at the end of the course to allow progression to club membership,  when there will be the possibility of integrating with current masters rowers squads.

Term 1 classes will be held in the gym and Term 2/3 classes will be held on the water with a number of different boats being used as you progress towards your competency test.

Term 1

Fitness & Stretching

Basic rowing movement

Technique on rowing machines


Term 2

Introduction to equipment

Rowing technique

Water safety

River Rules

Term 3

Gaining independence

Improving technique & style

Competency test

In March 2016 six of the eight rowers in the Veteran D crew (average age 50) competing in the famous Vesta Head of River Race were graduates of the Club’s Learn to Row courses, including 2 who first got in a boat less than one year previously.   Why not give rowing a try in 2018?

Mens Masters D crew crop

Junior Learn to Row

Please contact captain@henleyrowingclub.org to note your interest.  Further information to follow.  Once the course is underway it may not be possible to follow mid-way.  However, we do offer summer camp rowing experiences (see below).

Have fun and learn to row in a structured environment as did our class of 2016.

Learn to row2

Junior Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps are run Monday-Friday from 10AM-3PM (generally week aim to do 4 weekly courses for different age groups.  The days are generally structured as follows:

10.00 Instruction on the rowing machine and warm-up

10.30 Out on the river in different types of boats

12.00 Lunch 12.45 Team Games/Quiz

13.30 Out on the river again

14.45 Boats of the water cleaning them and back on the racks

15.00 Ready to leave the club.

We organise these Summer camps in the school holidays in July and August .  We are focussing on the  age groups below. We may be open to other age groups  depending on demand and our ability to offer a suitable course.

The dates for 2018 are to be confirmed – there will be separate weeks as follows:

week 1 Beginner 11-13 Year olds

week 2- Beginner 14-16 year olds

week 3Intermediate 11-16 year olds (for participants that have followed 1 or more camps/courses)

week 4Beginner 11-13 Year olds

Cost will be approximately £200 (based on 2017 price – fixed cost for 2018 to be confirmed) per week, a sandwich lunch will be provided.

Week will be structured as follows:

Monday: Explanation of rowing technique and different boat types and equipment

Tuesday: Rowing in larger boats for more balance and learning the technique

Wednesday: Introduction to small boats

Thursday: Morning more small boat activity.  Afternoon large boats, practicing for Friday

Friday: Morning practicing for races.  Afternoon races (Parents welcome to watch)

Want to hire a boat?

The club now has two touring boats for use for the recreational rowing courses and summer camps.  Club members may have use of the boats subject to availability and they will be for hire by arrangement.

If you are looking for a boat to hire for a regatta or rowing camp, please send as much information as you can to captain@henleyrowingclub.org.

Please complete the attached form in order for us to assess your needs and find suitable equipment.

Boat hire booking form