Adult Learn to Row

Whether you are looking for a new form of exercise, a place to meet new people or simply a route into the beautifully calming sport of river rowing then we can help you.

Format of the course

  • Two terms of structured tuition from professional coaching staff:
  • Sessions will run on Friday and Sunday afternoon/evenings.

Term 1 – twice weekly, sixty to ninety-minute sessions for eight weeks, the first few weeks will be spent on the rowing machine to develop the rowing movement before heading to the water. This will help it all make sense. 

Terms 2 – twice weekly ninety-minute sessions for eight weeks on the water with a number of different boat types being used as you progress towards your competency test in a fine scull.

Competency leads to membership

A competency test will be taken at the end of the course to allow progression to Club membership. This is included in the course fee and runs until the following September, so 2022.

Revised Dates

Term 1Friday 2nd April – Sunday 23rd May
Term 2 Friday 4th June – Sunday 25th July                       


The cost for the course is £480 per term totalling £960 for the full course. 

The course fee will also include your first year’s membership through to September 2022.

To sign up for the course please follow the link to the sign-up sheet where you will be asked to provide some basic health information.

For additional information or any queries contact