We have a strong and growing Masters squad of experienced rowers who compete at national and international level and less experienced rowers who have already achieved some success and keen to build on this.

We also have an enthusiastic group of people new to rowing joining us from the Learn to Row courses or coming back to row after their university years.

Masters Sculling

As well as rowing competitively, we sometimes take our touring boats to Marlow for an extended outing and to see another part of the river .

The ladies are a mix of recreational scullers and a competitive group. See the regatta reports for news and updates.

Rowing Tour 2015

Rowing Tour 2015

Mixed Masters Rowing

A mixed rowing eight enjoys regular weekend outings and also compete.  For some crew stories and updates please check the blog here

mixed masters

We also have fun…

Henley Vet Ladies took part in the 21st British Rowing Tour – for three days at the end of August 2014, joining over 100 rowers from other clubs on a 70km adventure of the River Severn and Sharpness Canal (Worcester and Purton). The rowing varied from wide open water to canals with bridges so low you had to lie down to go under them. Wonderful rowing, wonderful company, wonderful accommodation, wonderful food and drink! Highly recommended …

Masters ladies were proud to be part of the Jubilee Pageant in 2012 and the Henley River Pageant for The Queen in June 2012.