Boat racking & insurance

Boat Racking

Rack Spaces for members privately owned boats may be available subject to the agreement of the Captain.

A rowing membership must be paid for.

Included in the rack fee is the cost to the Club of providing an identification number (a ”HEN” number) and annual Environment Agency Licence.

For further information see HRC Rowing Craft Insurance_explanatory note 2018

Rates for the period 1st September 2018 to 31st August 2019 are:


Annual Subscription Prompt Payment Amount (Paid before 30 September 2018)
Internal  Rack – single scull £ 315.00 £ 300.00
Internal  Rack – double scull/pair £ 350.00 £ 335.00
Internal  Rack – four £ 600.00 £ 570.00
External Rack – single scull £ 200.00 £ 190.00
External Rack – double scull/pair £ 215.00 £ 205.00
External Rack – four £ 500.00 £ 475.00

Boat Insurance

Privately owned boats must be insured by their owners. Members can arrange their own insurance or request to add a private boat to the Club’s insurance policy. The charge is 3% of the boat and sculls value.

Members wishing to do this should first contact the Membership Secretary.  For all boat rack and insurance enquiries contact Alison Findlay