Oxford to Henley Row

Oxford to Henley Expedition

Twenty committed rowers from the Masters and Senior squads embarked on an eventful journey down the Thames from Oxford to Henley over two and a half days this August.

Following on from a successful event back in 2016 from Henley to Putney with 15 rowers, it was great to see even more smiley faces fuelled by wine gums and jelly babies (and beer for Rob) represent the club on the 89 Kilometre row.

Whilst it was designed to be a gentle paddle through our beautiful countryside, you can’t quite take the competitive streak out of our HRC crews which led to frequent challenges to become the first crew to reach the lock.

Mixing up the boats, taking it in turns to cox and rowing in different seats new friends were made and many laughs were had. The weather didn’t turn out too bad for us either. I know that memories have been made and we’re looking forward to another trip!



Thank you to Victoria, Lizzie and Miriam for all the organisation.