Masters Squad

We have a strong and growing Masters squad of experienced rowers who compete at national and international level and less experienced rowers who have already achieved some success and keen to build on this.

With over 80 active Masters and growing, Henley Rowing Club embraces all abilities and aspiration levels at both sculling and sweep through a fleet of club boats that cater for all boat classes, with the expressed aim of creating a convivial and fully integrated environment for all Masters.

Currently the mix of Masters is 60 : 40 of Women to Men, with the Men now starting to grow at a slightly faster rate.

Offering comprehensive ‘Learn to Row’ courses for the complete beginner there are also ‘Improver’ courses for those wishing to refresh and or extend their rowing technique, leading to a healthy mix of recreational rowing and competitive events suitable for beginners right through to those wanting the highest levels of competition.

Apart from self-organised rowing, structured sessions involving coaching from experienced and qualified coaches is available for as much or as little as required, covering:

  • On-water weekend sessions 
    • Including race preparation and race strategy
  • Land training, covering:
    • Ergometer sessions
    • Circuit sessions
    • Weights sessions

All sessions can be supported with video analysis and group review.

Private lessons are also available where required.

An increasingly useful feature of the Masters section is the use of external guest speakers to provide specific focus on key topics and disciplines.

Henley Rowing Club encourages Masters members to take active roles in club operations, in order to bring their specific skills and network contacts to the overall progress of the club.

Together, we all take the club forward