Club Closure

Dear Members 

Following the Government’s advice yesterday that the country is returning to lockdown until at least mid-February, the Trustees advise that the Club is now closed, from Tuesday 5th January 2021 until further notice. This includes access to the pontoons, boating area, outside racking, boat houses, clubhouse, gyms, toilets and changing rooms. No member is permitted on the Club premises without permission from the Trustees. The Trustees will manage the premises and site as necessary during this time of lockdown.  

Again, we need to rise to the occasion and resume our virtual training sessions and social groups to support each other through this period. Our devoted and ever-creative coaches will be in contact with their squads about training and to keep in touch. Hold on to the thought of summer rowing to keep your spirits up.

If your private boat and/or blades are at the Club and you wish to move these to be able to continue using your boat elsewhere, as permitted under the Government’s guidance, then please remove these from the Club as soon as possible, and latest by Saturday 9th January. Club blades may be borrowed by those who do not have a private set by arrangement with your coach or Beccy. Obviously, this is entirely at your own risk and we suggest you advise your insurers of the change in location. When collecting your boat or equipment, please continue to wear a face covering at the Club and maintain a 2m social distance.

British Rowing advise that whilst personal exercise is permitted once a day, with club facilities shut rowing will only be possible if: 

  • you are able to safely access, launch and recover your boat without accessing your club (e.g. stored at home and launched from a public space);
  • if you are able to do this without leaving your local area;
  • in a single or single household/support bubble crew; and,
  • if the relevant waterway authorities permit recreational boating.

Particularly, given the current cold weather conditions, we would recommend carefully considering your risk assessment before exercising in this way. As a rowing community, we do not want to put any additional pressure on emergency services having to rescue rowers or treat the effects of cold exposure.

If the Government’s vaccination programme goes according to plan we can hope for a steady move out of lockdown in mid-February when the river may have returned to rowable levels. In the meantime, look after yourselves, your families, friends and neighbours during what Boris Johnson believes will the last phase of the struggle against Coronavirus.

Helen Turnell, Margaret Hall, Barry Redman, Louisa Clarke, Nick Mead, Francis Goodwin

HRC Trustees

5th January 2021