About us

Henley RC was founded in 1839 and is probably the oldest Open Rowing Club in Great Britain.

175-certificateWe are proud of our heritage having taking part in the very first Henley Regatta and being established in the home of rowing. Every year we coach enthusiastic juniors and seniors, who go on to enjoy many years of rowing and achieve significant rowing success.

At Henley Rowing Club we believe in:

  • Fostering the joy of rowing for all irrespective of age, ambition or ability
  • Encouraging and supporting all members to achieve the competitive level that they aspire to

The Club now has over 350 members and continues to be successful locally, nationally and internationally. The Club’s annual total of wins repeatedly puts it as one of the top Clubs in the Country. In 2005 the Club recorded its first open win at Henley Royal Regatta when it won the Thames Cup.

Through our strong junior squad system we have achieved significant success in 2014 winning 6 British National Junior Championship gold medals and the GB France Gold for our WJ16 crew. We also achieved our 10th win at Henley Womens’ Regatta since our first win in 1999.

We have achieved two Fawley Cup wins at Henley Royal Regatta (as composites in 2005 and 2007) and the inaugural Junior Women’s Quad Scull event in 2012. Over the years 8 junior athletes have been selected for Junior World Championships, 10 athletes to Coupe de la Jeunesse, 18 crews to Home International and 10 crews to GB France.

However, while boating competitive crews is important we aim to be inclusive to enable all athletes the opportunity to win a trophy during the year. Winning your first pot is a significant milestone and we aim to celebrate success for all.

In recent years our Masters squad has grown and regularly boats crews at the weekend (they even train in the gym and do circuits sometimes!). We are looking forward to the arrival of our new touring boats to enable more long distant rows and tours with other clubs along the Thames.

The club has a substantial fleet of boats, from singles to eights. For land training we have over 30 ergos in a dedicated gym and static bikes for cross- training , plus a great array of free weights, including dumb bells and bars, and a leg press machine. The gym allows room for circuits and stretching. Our changing rooms are warm in the winter with plenty of hot water – a luxury after a cold row.

Members will soon be able to enjoy a refurbished bar with balcony where you will be able to sit and enjoy the river view and sunsets.

Our success is due in part to the dedication and team work of all volunteer coaches and supporters, backed-up by a strong army of parents who willingly lend a hand to cook breakfasts, fundraise, and help keep the facilities in good working order. In January 2015, recognising the growth of the club, we appointed the new role of Rowing Manager to manage the day to day running and administration of the club.

Think you’d like to join the crew ? . . . see Row for Henley or Learn to row, or Contact us with a general question